who we are

The company was founded in 2007 as a fleet management company, assigned to manage vessels owned by the Nigerian Ports Authorities and by that to improve the availability of tugs, pilot boats and mooring services in Lagos port.
From establishment to the present moment the Company operated in “non-stop activity cycle 24 \ 7” with constant climbing the efficient and improvement curve.
Apart of managing “Nigerian Ports Authority” vessels we have our own fleet of working boats such as: malty cats, dredgers, crow boats, pilot boats, diving department, survey vessels e.t.c… that are giving us the capacity to execute a wide range of marine projects.
Part of the secrets of success basedon the fact that the takeoff was leaning on the experience accumulated by the tree sister companies over more than two decades of years on ground in Nigeria and the fact that the established was planed according to the international standard.
Construction of solid organizational structure 
Recruitment of foreign skilled, qualified workers
Local recruitment while ensuring high Standard and training
operation and maintenance procedures (ISM)
bringing all vessels to meet Lloyds class standard and maintaining it
contracting a “critical” spear parts capacity storage
establishing connections with world leading technical companies
LTT has made major capital and human investments to ensure a smooth operation within Lagos ports:
1. Fix crew number of crew where assigned to each boat, half on duty and half back home resting.
2. Company is assisting crew to maintain all certificates such as: COC, Maritime mandatory's, health fitness, first aid and so on…
3. All crew must meet the STCW-95, IMO and SOLAS requirements.
4. HR, Safety, engineering, electricity, M.O.C.(marine operation centre) where established to improve the company performance.
5. Workers quarterly assessment was executed.
The fleet under L.T.T Management
The company manages 8 tug boats which uses Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD), namely: 
(1) MT Emekuku                                                   
(2) MT Asaga
(3) MT Gusau                                                        
(4) MT Zaranda                                                                                 
(5) MT Majiya
(6) MT Uromi
(7) MT Daura
(8) MT Ubima
These tug boats are used to carry out functions like berthing \ unberthing of ships, and emergency operationsin the Ports.
Five Pilot Cutters and Three Mooring Launches are also managed by the company namely: 
(1) Pilot Cutter Lagos 1 (PC Lagos 1)
(2) Pilot Cutter Lagos 2 (PC Lagos 2)
(3) Pilot Cutter Lagos 3 (PC Lagos 3)
(4) Pilot Cutter Lagos 4 (PC Lagos 4)
(5) Pilot Cutter May 29 (PC May 29)
The Pilot cutters are used for transporting Pilots to and from sea, pilot personnel inside the port.
There are also three Mooring Launches and two speed boats – Horizon II and the Joy (Divers’) boat being managed by the company;-
(1) Mooring Launch Bull (ML Bull)
(2) Mooring Launch Idemili (ML Idemili)
(3) Mooring Launch Ogidi (ML Ogidi).
The types of services being rendered covers the day-to-day management of the vessels – crewing, fuelling, repair and periodic dry docking of the vessel in question, Towage operation , Pilot Transport – to and from sea, mooring of sea-ships, Pilot (personnel) Transport – inside the port and the training of personnel.