Our first assignment is to maintain our leading position in providing harbor towage, pilots transport and mooring services for the Lagos pilot district, remaining the preferred choice for customers in the region by our commitment to quality solutions and to the reliability of the Nigerian Ports Authority fleet under our management.
  • To provide continuous reliable harbor towage services in principle to facilitate berthing and unberthing of any size of ships calling at Lagos port.
  • To support in the overall NPA efforts to attain unprecedented levels of social and economical benefits for Lagos Harbor making it into the most unique international gateway or hub for cargo vessels of the sub Saharan African countries.
  • To operate and maintain our entire fleet in a safe, environmentally responsible, competitive manner under continuous improvement criteria in all our work processes.
  • To attract, develop and retain highly qualified, committed and motivated people we firmly believe that our people are our number one asset that makes us successful.
  • To have an ethical commitment towards our people, partners, stakeholders, suppliers, clients, institutions and the community of Nigeria.
Our second assignment is for versatile marine projects within the Nigerian waters. Our fleet includes a big range of working boats such as: malty cats with lifting capacity, crow boats, dredging vessels, diving boats, survey crafts, water barge, fuel tanker ect..
That equipment is giving us the capacity to execute the munched jobs:
  • Search and rescue
  • salvage
  • offshore towage
  •  bunkering fuel and water at sea
  • Complicated diving projects
  • Wreck  removal
  • surveying and pollution monitoring
  • dredging
  • lifting at sea 
  • anti pollution clean up
  • fire fighting